Lighting is one of the most important features in a space, it can really bring out all the potential in a space, and more! Choosing the right lighting can be difficult, as every room requires a different kind of fixture. You certainly wouldn’t want your kitchen to look and feel like your bedroom! Lighting sets the mood, so it’s important to plan accordingly. The living room is one of those spaces that hold many different activities and all of them require a different level of lighting. It’s important to consider them all. A well lit living room have three types of lighting: general, task, and accent; which are used during different times of the day and for different purposes. 

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Three-Arm MCL-R3 Ceiling Lamp - Black

MFL-1 Floor Lamp - One Arm - Black

Diamond Chair - Black Leather

Kellen Armchair

The dining room is the one place where direct lighting is necessary, with a beautiful chandelier or pendant right above the table, giving it a spotlight feel which draws people in. To top it all off, give the room an overall glow with two small table lamps on the sideboard or a pair of matching wall sconces!

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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Earthshine Pendant

Fiberglass DSR Dining Chair - Matte White

Mid Century Blonde Dining Table - Natural Color

The bedroom should have a cozy atmosphere, and what better way to successfully achieve that vibe better than having the right lighting! Place reading lamps or sconces by the bed, but never directly pointed at it. You want the level of lighting to be low, mimicking a candlelight for an intimate and cozy atmosphere.


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AJ Table Lamp - White

Jorgen Bedside End Table


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