Macro-Style for Microapartments

Very few people are immune to the housing crunch that has always affected Manhattan, and the surrounding areas. A recent trend looking to counteract the madness of urban sprawl, and over congestion, is the rebirth of the micro-apartment.

The city circumvented previous laws passed, to set up a complex known as Carmel Place. It consists of one-room units under 400 square feet. They come equipped with a finished kitchen and bathroom, and can be had for under 1500 dollars a month.

Despite the lack of decorating space, certain furniture styles can absolutely work wonders in this kind of arrangement. France and Son's assortment of mid-century modern, minimalist designs that make up the "Industrial Chic" collection are a literal perfect fit. Even better, an entire collection of Sofas under 1000 dollars is advertised on the company website.

A good recommendation is the Vittorio Sofa Armless Unit. It weighs only 32 pounds, so it’s a cinch to squeeze into a bite-sized area.

Vittorio Sofa Armless Unit - Grey

Source: The New Yorker