In medieval times, the bedroom chamber was an arena for solace from the drudgery of feudalism, quiet recreation, and profound soul-searching. Today, not much has changed except the technology, and a higher amount of general contractors and interior designers.

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The idea of the modern bedroom also has kept its place in childhood nostalgia, and the world of adult recreation. Keep it up to speed with an easy makeover, and be ready to represent your sense of style at a moment’s notice.

Update your Mattress

Having the proper support is crucial for a good night’s rest. Many people wait too long, and allow their mattress to lose firmness, structure, and everything else that makes a good mattress...a good mattress. Get yourself one that’s comfortable, but firm enough to avoid leaving you with stiff necks, backs, and/or chronic fatigue that can inhibit your workday, or enjoyable nights in.

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Look into the tempurpedics, memory foam, goose down featherbeds, an air bed, or an adjustable. The fancier options include a waterbed, or a gel mattress. You can find a serviceable one to match your comfort and budget requirements.

Find the Proper Furnishings

Tailor your furniture choices to the size of the room, and avoid unnecessary extras. If you have a cabinet but nothing to put in it, find a new spot for the cabinet. Too much stuff in one room can be very overbearing and ruin the relaxing vibe. That kind of thing also inhibits people from freely moving about the room.

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If you have the space, a matching theme always looks good. Many designers focus on what’s known as ‘the suite’, which is a set that involves a bedframe, a dresser, a vanity, a television stand, and other accessories to fit the idea.

A basement bedroom, or upstairs loft, might allow you to throw a few couches or futons in for additional comfort.

Highly Decorated
Everybody knows that one person who plastered Absolut magazine ads all over their walls, as a teenager. Why? Because the idea may have been cool at one point. Even though Absolut tastes like low-grade nail polish, the idea of making your bedroom feel very much “your own” is the main idea, here. Go overboard with the posters, wallpaper, creative area rugs, Egyptian cotton sheets, personal aquariums, canopies, mosquito nets, and anything else to keep the creativity alive and well.

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After all, what’s a fun bedroom without a Rage Against the Machine poster, Spiderman sheets, and a racecar bed to attract the ladies?

Light Work

Make sure to allow enough natural sunlight light in through the windows to avoid having the room be too dark and dreary. You can use your blinds to get just the right amount during early mornings, to get a few extra minutes of uninterrupted shuteye. Or if a blast of sunlight to the eyelids is more effective than an alarm clock, go for it.

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Take advantage of these easy tips to make your bedroom the talk of the town.

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