Getting the right balance between mid-century, modern and contemporary can make the difference between drab and fab! Take some cues from this happy France and Son customer in New York, who transformed their new apartment into a contemporary, mid-century oasis. Expertly combining color, texture and form, this selection of furniture and decor perfectly complements the simple interior of the apartment.




The Eggert Tufted Chesterfield Sofa creates a stunning feature piece and a bold, welcoming color statement. Paired with the beautiful Shell Chair in Pony Skin, creates an unique contemporary interior of an undefined era.




The Arco Floor Lamp adds sculptural form, a mid-century edge and a warm glow to add intimate warmth to the space and becomes a centerpiece for the room.




The blue Efron Tufted Sofa provides the perfect complement to the Chesterfield. Paired with the Krydse Marble Coffee Table, it brings a modern Parisian feel to the contemporary apartment.