In the past, modern furniture might have been reserved for the Presidents and moguls. But today? With a little bit of ingenuity, anyone can decorate the apartment with sophisticated furniture and designs that resemble the classics from that particular era. Here are some suggestions when looking for the right pieces.

Narrow down a color:
A base color of black or white works best. Splash in a third color for accents here and there, but don’t overdo it. Lighter colors tend to make the area look more spacious.

Don’t “white-out” the whitespace
Leaving enough room to breathe between decorative elements is crucial in an ideal modern furniture setup. Dress up the walls strategically with artwork, picture frames, etc but pay attention to how the space being used. A minimalist approach works best.
Identifiably Modern

You’ll know modern when you see it. Sofa edges are very defined. Square/rectangular shapes are prevalent. Solid colors in either cotton, silk, linen or wool are staples of the genre.

The Extras
Modern bookshelves incorporate the same design traits as the furniture. Very rigid corners, boxy shapes, and avant garde patterns.

Stick to these tips for a stylish modern look, and have France and Son set you up with the furniture and bookshelves.

Source: Karen of Padstyle