1. Do it yourself, or hire a professional mover. The latter is probably better if you have lots of breakables, or several rooms worth of materials to transport. Have a lot of friends? Offer them some free pizza to help out. Just charge them double on the replacement costs, if they break anything. :)

2. Boxes, packing peanuts, plastic wrap, bubble-wrap and other shipping items will be helpful when wrapping all your stuff up. Places like the UPS store, has these types of materials, and will even ship items for you. Cost depends on weight and distance.

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3. For food items and perishables, pack the heavier stuff (cans, jars, etc) on the bottom of the moving boxes, Stack lighter, and more fragile items on top of the heavier goods, so nothing can crush them. Any other arrangement uses the laws of physics against you.

4. When placing glass or ceramic items in boxes, make sure you place a paper towel or a bubble wrap on the bottom, as a cushion to keep them from bouncing around or clanking together. These items can damage very easily, so err on the side of caution.

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5. For pots and pans, stack them in threes, placing smaller pots inside the larger ones. Individually wrap each one of them up before stacking, to avoid damaging the surfaces. You’ll need some longer boxes to keep the handles in place.

6. Pack books so you don’t damage the bindings. Boxes for files are effective because they can hold a lot of weight. Better yet, just get an Amazon Kindle, load all the books you have on there, and save yourself some storage space.

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7. Use dividers inside boxes to pack bottles of wine or liquor. Fill any gaps with packing peanuts or another form of cushioning to prevent any breaks en route. Drinking while driving moving trucks is never recommended.

8. Dishes, plates, bowls, mugs, etc...can be wrapped with linens or towels. Keep enough cushioning between items so there’s no collisions.  

9. Use appropriate labels on every box you’re moving, so everybody knows what goes where, when all your stuff arrives at a new location. Delicate items should be marked fragile, so handlers take the right precautions.

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10. Don’t forget to label each box so the movers can place each box into the appropriate room and you know which boxes to unpack first. Put fragile stickers on the boxes with delicate items inside such as kitchen items, and boxes from the living room.

11. When loading items into the truck, make sure they’re harnessed into place and won’t slide around. The last thing you want is to take all that time and effort to pack everything up, only to have some unexpected breakage at the last minute.

12. Companies like Unishippers, U-Haul, and Go-Gio courier services are good to consider when undergoing a project like this.

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These guidelines should help take all the headaches out of hauling your prized possessions around.

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