Blending natural elements into a contemporary design gives the perfect balance of peace and comfort with elegance and sophistication. Bringing in natural materials to any interior space will give the atmosphere a sense of serenity; our inherent connection to nature is one of many reasons why we love it so much and bring it into any interior space. Materials that were once living, such as wood, cotton, leather, and seagrass make an interior space look and feel lively without adding bold and vibrant colors, which is where the contemporary design comes in. Contemporary design is all about bare essentials in a straightforward design with a philosophy of “less is more.” Two styles on the opposite sides of the spectrum has never married so beautifully.


1. Organic and Geometric Forms

Organic and smoother line forms can be a conflict of interest when designing an interior space with a contemporary style in mind, and geometric, hard edge line forms is the total opposite when it comes to natural elements. It’s about finding amount of balance that will create the intended style which in result will be a harmonious and charming look and feel. There are so many different themes/styles to choose from it’s hard to pick your favorite and stick to it. Blending different styles together will truly make the interior space your own, one of a kind just like how every home and/or interior space should be.

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2. Bathroom Sanctuary

The bathroom is the one place you can truly unwind, take a hot shower or draw a bath to relax after a long day. Give your bathroom a makeover with natural finishes for a sauna and/or spa like environment. A natural contemporary style will work best in such a place that is necessary and crucial for everyday tasks. Let the natural light shine through, you can definitely liven up the bathroom space. The possibilities are endless! You’ll want to go simple and sleek when it comes to the bathroom, a lot goes on in here and it’s crucial to keep things in line for a natural movement. Keep it simple, one decor is the maximum and go all out on countertops, flooring, walls, and even the ceilings!

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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3. The Office

Another space that can get messy after an hour! A space where you come to, to get important tasks done. If you’re the type to get distracted easily, it’s your best bet to go minimal, but that can give off a cold and unwelcoming vibe. Use a bright colored wood for your finishes. This will evolve your office space into a youthful atmosphere with a touch of calmness. We know how stressful work can get, why enhance it? The contemporary design/style is known to cover unwanted items away. Display nothing besides what is absolutely necessary. Mix in a little of metal or concrete so that it doesn’t get too comfortable!

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4. Use black!

The best way to enhance anything is by adding black in or around what you are trying to highlight. It’s important that you don’t go overboard, black is a very strong and present tone and not much is needed. When decorating and/or styling your interior space with minimal colors and/or materials, the interior space can look and feel dull and boring, add a pop of black or even white depending on circumstances to really make the interior space stand out and consist of a big personality with little to no color. Using sharper edges in this particular style, natural contemporary, works beautifully and creates a balance between the two distinct themes. There is no such thing as using too much natural materials, range from wood, cotton, seagrass, and leather and it’ll create an interior space you’ll fall in love with everytime you see it!

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5. Non-traditional Materials

Introducing materials like marbles, shiny metals, and etc can really glam up a space. The natural contemporary style is more of a humble and subtle style that also bring a level of sophistication into an interior space. Bringing in non-traditional materials will make an interior space look and feel chic and classy. Have the best of both world by adding touches of shiny goods for the glam, and the marble material for luxe! There is no need to display decorations when the options in lighting, countertops, and furniture material is limitless. Your interior space should reflect your personality, past, present, and future!

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