There is a lot that one person can say about the online movie and TV streaming network known as Netflix, but the one word that comes to my mind about it is “God” or Allah, Jesus, Vishnu, Buddha, etc.

Whatever your religious affiliation may be and whatever God you may or may not worship; Netflix is like my own personal baby Jesus.


Girl Clock – Hush, Bard Sofa

Netflix, much like baby Jesus, helps me more than he helps you. How you ask? He lets me stay home in my own bedroom in peace to worship without interacting with the other people in my home. Who needs social interaction when you can be binge watching Orange is the New Black (OITNB for short) for several hours at a time? It could possibly be the best religion I’ve ever followed. The story behind me getting into the show isn’t really fascinating. Probably like most of you, you’ve seen post after post about it and friend after friend hounding you with those obsessive questions. “Do you have Netflix?” (To which I reply: Do I live under a rock?) and the immediate follow up question “Are you watching Orange is the new black? YOU WOULD LOVE IT.” And alas, they were right. I didn’t start watching until the 2nd season was released and of course after the first season I was hooked.


I think that Netflix is fascinating how they release an entire season of their series for you to enjoy at your leisure, or like me, binge watch obsessively hour after hour on your oh so precious days off. The one thing that irks me is when they release something brilliant, and like a meth addict serving five years at Litchfield, you’re hooked and can’t get enough.

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Then, you have two choices: Rejoin the world and be “social” with your “friends” or the better option, choose another series to continue your obsession and lack of social interaction. I recommend doing this in the colder months because no one really likes to socialize then anyway.

So if you haven’t already, get yourself a Netflix account and start binge watching the amazing shows they create. And remember, God is watching. I hear heaven is boring.