New York’s New Furniture District


Furniture stores are not exactly a scare resource in New York City. Every big manufacturer and brand has a showroom somewhere; however, the abundance of shops doesn’t make shopping easy. The price points and styles are all over the place. Until recently, there was no single spot that had everything a new home shopper needed. Where is this perfect place you ask? It’s on 18th Street, near 6th avenue, in the Chelsea neighborhood.



What’s there?


The furniture stores on 18th street are: West Elm, France and Son, Organic Modernism, BoConcept, Lazzoni, and Michael Aram. Between these stores you cover all the popular design trends. You have Mid-Century Modern at France and Son, Contemporary and Rustic Modern at West Elm, Custom Luxury at Michael Aram, Italian Modern at Lazzoni, and Danish Modern at BoConcept. Additionally, these stores range in pricing from affordable to luxury, so there’s something to fit everyone’s budget.


In addition to the furniture stores, there’s a Bed Bath and Beyond, a Container Store, and a Lowes right around the corner on 6th Ave. These big box stores will fill in the gaps. Any home buyer, renovator, or designer will have everything they need within this a square block radius.


To sum it up, a new home goods paradise has emerged in Chelsea. This square block has everything. Furniture stores for every budget and authentic, a hardware store for paint and supplies, and a few big box retailers to fill in the gaps. The hassle and annoyance of running around the city to complete your home has ended. Take a single trip down to 18th and 6th, and you’ll have everything you need.