The Nordic style encompasses a simple, yet powerful presentation that does wonders for any room, especially bedrooms.

Here are some options when decorating your bedroom with the Scandinavian flair.

Get a Vignette

A staple in the scandinavian design is the organic approach to decorating, and the use of vignettes in a clever fashion. The marble side table, white candle and flower pot trio coincides with the adjacent magazines, used as a tray for the water pot. The entire ensemble seamlessly connects and ties the bedroom corner together.

The Poacher’s Preference

An element that always looks great in the Nordic style is the addition of a fur blanket, or rug for texture. Their presence is ideal in softening up a hard floor, next to a fireplace. The fur can even operate as a tertiary color accent to comforters, or Mid-century Modern couches.

Of course, you can still avoid upsetting any PETA representatives or our supportive animal friends by going with artificial fur. Remember, it’s the idea that counts.


The above photograph is another example of how fur can be used(in an open floor plan), on Mid-century Modern dining chairs. Notice the reliance on wood craftsmanship in the floors and chairs, coupled with a light, airy table. The minimalist approach, done right.

Monochrome Home

The Nordic touch is categorized by the use of mostly one color, and a contrasting secondary color where applicable. The above example shows a dominant series of whites, with black accents. You can’t go wrong with this theme in your interior designs because it's a classic look that visually pops. 

If you must use additional colors, the Nordic style relies on neutral colors like beige, shades of grey, and light green to avoid counteracting the dominant tones.

Try some of these out in your next design, and see how well the Nordic flavor can work for you.

Source: Emily Osmond