NY Design Week has brought out the best artists, designers, and manufacturers from all across the globe to share innovative ideas and give us the can’t miss trends for 2015. Continuing our coverage of NY Design Week, the France & Søn team attended both ICFF and Surtex this year at the Javits Convention Center. Firstly, The 27th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) showcased the best in contemporary design and the current, in-the-moment trends for furniture, accessories, and interiors for the year 2015.

We want to highlight some trends that we are loving this year, and shine a light on some brands that really stood out to us. We were so thrilled to come across the company Grow House Grow, which is a Brooklyn based pattern design company founded by Katie Deedie. Their whimsical illustrations and designs translate amazingly into wallpaper, and give art lovers everywhere a creative touch to add to their homes. Their use of bright colors and bold patterns make them a brand to look out for. (Alexandria by Grow House Grow)


Alexandria Wallpaper


A huge trend for 2015 that Tom Dixon absolutely nailed, is rose gold. Tom Dixon is a highly innovative British contemporary product design brand that is ahead of it’s time. Pink toned metallics add a sleek and sophisticated touch to any design space, and can pretty much work with anything. All rose gold desk supplies? Yes please.


Tom Dixon Lighting


Jumping on board the punchy hues AND rose gold trend for design this year, Bend Goods showed us that simple does not have to be boring. Bend Goods is an L.A. based design and manufacturing company that specializes in sculptural wire-frame furniture with an environmental purpose. Their products are made with iron, which is a highly recyclable resource, to minimize waste and provide an ease with shipping.



Walls of Original Design (Wood) is a tile and home accessories company based in Las Vegas that uses bold colors, simple designs and organic textures to transform your home. We love the idea that their tiles can be used creatively to customize your own design for your space. There’s no limit to what you can do with their products, and that is what makes their brand so innovative.

Our team also checked out Surtex, which is an exhibition where designers and manufacturers share original art and design, featuring the best in paper goods and packaging, textiles, floor tiles and panels, and wall decor. Pastels, brights, and funky patterns were a staple of the show this year.



Founded by Ali Macdonald, Lark + Raven is a pattern and print company with a quirky and fun design aesthetic. Ali uses Sharpies to create these bright and colorful characters that adorn her prints.



Straight from Stefanie Wardrep, Tack and Ward is a textile, paper and accessory company and studio based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Her use of pastels as a pop of color pairs well with her hand done treatment, and it makes for a fun and widely enjoyed aesthetic.



We love Fortier Price’s beautiful bright pastel and neon prints that are so on trend this year. Their designs have been used for designers of textiles, accessories, home decor, and floor treatments as well.



Mohawk is one of the best paper and printing companies out there right now. Founded in Upstate New York, this environmentally conscious brand has the highest quality papers available in a wide selection of hues. This selection of brights is our favorite.



From the best designers, sculptors, artists, and manufacturers, New York Design Week definitely has something for everyone. Structured rose gold pieces and bright, bold images and designs are key for 2015, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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