Adrian Pearsall is a name you should get to know, especially if you enjoy cutting-edge Modern and Mid-Century furniture designs such as the gondola couch, freeform walnut and glass tables, and the universally-loved beanbag chair.

The post-WW2, Atomic Age was both a romanticized, and unsettling time in the American history books. Pearsall’s rise to prominence coincided during this time period, and his contributions certainly reflect the curiosity, and transitional nature of this chapter. Many of his designs feature bright colors, oblong shapes, and futuristic structures.    

He started his career, crafting furniture pieces out of his basement with help from his wife. Later, he founded a company called Craft Associates, which would become one of the biggest employers in Wilkes Barre, PA. This operation allowed for the mass production of his concepts, and gave many Americans the chance to have their living rooms look like something fresh out “The Jetsons.”

In 2008, Pearsall was nominated for induction into the American Furniture Hall of Fame. France and Son pays tribute to the life and times of Pearsall with products in the style of the “Atomic Age”. Here are some suggestions to achieve a 2016 version of that look:

The Arwin and Meridian sofas are updated takes on the gondola design, with increased back support for comfort.

These glass tables feature a Pearsall-inspired leg design. A fresh alternative to your conventional placement of legs at the corners, or the epicenter of the table…

Furthermore, nothing says “Atomic Age” like your very own ball chair. Up and “At-’em”.