In a folly of an international story, the Minister of Finance in Namibia reveals spending 1.3 million dollars in local currency to furnish an entire office floor. The office is located in the heart of Namibia’s capital, Windhoek.

The allotted budget also included furniture for the deputy minister, several secretaries, the economic advisor, the board room, a meeting room, a lobby, and a room designated for tea time.

Minister Calle Schlettwein faced allegations that even more money (at least 3 Million) was spent on frivolous renovations, and that the items purchased were underused. In response, Schlettwein claimed he at least received a 20% discount.

$1.3 Million dollars in Namibia is equivalent to around $87,000 American dollars. Assuming you were faced with the task of furnishing an entire wing of a political building, France and Son’s sofas under 1000 collection would be a superb place to start loading up.

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Source: Edgar Brandt