There are certain floor trends that are hot in the streets. Here’s what you’ll want to be taking a look at, if you’re redoing your floors anytime soon.

1: Vinyl

Vinyl is cheaper to maintain than authentic wood, and can look better in the long term. The reason for this, is that vinyl is not susceptible to the same natural decay that might be caused by moisture, rotting or temperature change. These kinds of floors look great with any wood-accented mid-century modern furniture pieces.  

Another perk: Termites won’t enjoy vinyl, or imitation wood, as a top choice for a midnight snack.

2: Creative Carpeting 


These abstract, molecular-style patterns make for an attractive floor option in bedrooms, dens, basements, or anywhere where you'll be doing a lot of lounging. A matching modern couch, perhaps...for the coup de grâce.

The above patterns look like they were inspired by the world-famous Italian rainbow/7-layer cookies, just with different colors applied. The result is just as appetizing. 

Linear 1_1 

3: Type for Stripes?

Stripes look great on a baseball uniform, and even better on your carpet. They can make the room look longer, and leaner, and work best in a narrow space.

Source: Love Chic Living