Do you have a huge empty wall that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you have an amazing collection of photography and art that isn’t getting any use? We’re always looking for fun ways to decorate our wall space, whether it’s with tiles, clocks, or paintings, but here is one way to completely customize your own wall space from home in an easy and affordable way.


 Rasterbator Closeup

Rasterbator is a website that allows you to upload photos directly from your computer, and transforms them into cool halftone posters of any size. Each poster will be made up of individual 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper that you will piece together however way you please, and you can choose how many sheets of paper you want to use.

Each image is completely made up of dots in varying sizes to mimic a pointillistic style.


 Rasterbator Closeup


You are also able to create posters with different sized dots; the larger the dots, the more abstract the image becomes.

There is so much you can do with this site. In addition to simply taping the poster together, you can space out the sheets as well to break up the image for a more interesting look. The right image can add a lot of depth and dimension to your space.


 Rasterbator Closeup


Framing the individual sheets adds a lovely 3-dimensional element to your wall space and resembles tile art.

If you love the look of Rasterbated posters, our Girl Clocks work perfectly at channeling the half-toned/pointillistic aesthetic and adding a fun twist to fine art imagery.

Rasterbator Closeup

We hope this gives you some wall art inspiration and solves some of your interior design concerns. Happy printing!


Natalie J -