Futuristic visions of spaceships and intergalactic interiors inspired the use of molded plastics and materials that took advantage of new manufacturing technologies of the post-war mid twentieth century period. Many of these retro-futuristic pieces have become icons of their time, embedding themselves within the language of mid-century modern interior design. These space-age designs can be used to add a touch of 'Tomorrowland' to your mid-century, modern or contemporary interior.


Photo courtesy Cote Maison


A bold minimal, futuristic color palette and molded forms remains timeless, and evokes visions of science fiction fantasies such as Stanley Kubrik's 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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Maya Dining Chair
Tulip Dining Table



Photo courtesy of Voga


This contemorary interior uses minimal touches of Eero Saarinen's iconic mid-century furniture to bring an retrofuturist touch to an otherwise earthly interior.


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Fiberglass Tulip Arm Chair
Tulip Dining Table
Viscontia Suspension Lamp



Photo courtesy of Plastolux


This minimal, modern warehouse style interior makes use of feature modernist pieces to bring a space age feel and retro-futurist aesthetic.


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Platner Arm Chair
The Mungan Chandelier


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