Ahh New York City, the most bustling magnificent city in the world. It seems like everyone I talk to from out of state wants to visit New York City at least once in their lifetime, and I can see why. When I think of New York, Frank Sinatra starts singing in my head, I imagine the big christmas tree lit up colorfully in the winter, and Will Ferrell as Buddy the elf walking around the streets adds to my mental visualizations. It’s hard not to love the concrete jungle that is, New York City.

Photo courtesy of Expedia


It’s cold overseas this time of year. As more and more tourists crowd the streets of time square to see the main attractions, many are unaware of the hidden treasures layered throughout Manhattan. Hidden treasures must be sought out, unless you have a person offering you accommodations. Let me try and accommodate you to the hidden treasures of NYC!

Besides the delicious cuisine. People always have to buy souvenirs, right? “I love New York” t-shirts seem to be in every spot in the world, which could be why the “brand” of New York City is so well-known. While the t-shirts (and the fake coach bags) are nice, better things are out there.


Our Manhattan store, located at 122 W 18th St, New York, would like to reach out to special visitors of NYC. Come visit! Our showroom is a gorgeous site, where I’m sure you’ll find some beautiful pieces to admire! As for souvenirs, wouldn’t it be awesome to order a gorgeous New York chandelier, and have it waiting at your door by the time you come home? I think having a gorgeous piece of furniture in your home would be a much longer-lasting and aesthetically pleasing memento of your trip to the big apple than a t-shirt or a mug. Stop by on your trip, even just to look around! It can offer you a small break from the crowded streets and all that concrete.

At France and Son, we hope that all visitors touring NYC have an enjoyable time, and hope that your trip can make lasting positive memories for you. While it can be a bit overwhelming, your time here in New York should be short, but sweet. Enjoy your stay, and don’t forget to stop by!


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