1. Stay low to the ground

If you’re working with low ceilings and limited space, furniture that’s set at lower heights will make the ceilings look higher. Look for pieces with short legs, and lower bases/centers of gravity.

2 Accessorize where appropriate

Arrange your odds and ends so that they stand out, and not vanish into a surrounding hodgepodge of various items. An expensive-looking chandelier, or light fixture is recommended.

3.Get Floored

Multicolored rugs or a fresh coat of paint are a solid option when adding some personality to the floor. Certain colors mesh better, or contrast better, than others. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

4. Industrialize

Hints of metallic colors are wonderful for making certain areas of a room radiate and stand out more. Try a bit of gold, silver, pewter, etc in your next design.

Once you go Black...

Adding black accents to doors, stair bannisters, and other nooks and crannies can add more liveliness to a smaller room, and pop out amongst a lighter-colored backdrop.

Source: Pavni Grover