The Mid-century furniture and stylistic layouts presented in the 1950s and 1960s have remained a staple in interior decoration.

First step is choosing a color. A good suggestion for furniture is to have a majority base color, and a semidominant secondary color. The style will occasionally allow a tertiary color for slight hints and accents. Many mid-century designs follow this idea.

The furniture from that era is identified by straight lines affixed to smooth, curved angles. Fancy ornamentation is more associated with furniture from previous historical eras. Polished wood, fiberglass or metal are used with unpatterned fabric for a simple finish.

Mid-century light fixtures are either straight, geometric lines, or feature a curved contour. Many even allow for exposed bulbs branching off the straight line rod, made to look like certain plants in nature. The 3-Arm MFL lamp is a design that fits this mold.

Abstract designs are commonplace for rugs from that era. Non-symmetrical patterns, and multiple colors complement the plain nature of many of the furniture pieces.

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Source: Liana Leahy