With Summer fast approaching and getting excited for the warm, sunny days ahead, if not all, most dining and entertaining will occur outdoors. Take advantage of the one layer of clothing, ice cold cocktails, and swimming in the hot, summer season ahead! Summer is the season to relax and have laid-back, lazy days by the pool and/or beach; which the mid-century modern era never took for granted!


The mid-century modern era is known to use bright and vibrant color, a perfect color scheme for any outdoor living space. Keep it light and fresh, your outdoor living space shouldn’t consist of dark colors, let the bright colors compliment the nature surroundings! The summer is about liveliness and just having a good time!

Photo courtesy of Dwelling Decor

Photo courtesy of Dwelling Decor


The outdoors should never feel cluttered but the exact opposite, it should be open and fresh, a place where you’d want to relax and merely enjoy your surroundings. Inhale the fresh air and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Back in the day, such as the mid-century modern times, people weren’t so consumed with technology, they enjoyed what nature  has given them, it’s reassuring to leave your phone behind and appreciate the outdoors like the old times.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of Trust Your Blood

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of Our House


Natural elements of the outdoors will always influence design, you start from the bare essentials and build your way into the process. This earth will be nothing without nature, appreciate it, take it in, and embrace all the beauty is has to offer. And there’s no better time to do this than the summer time, get plenty of of sun and have a refreshing time in the waters! Take a trip to Palm Springs, California and experience and live the way they did in the mid-century modern era!

Photo courtesy of Interiors By Studio M

Photo courtesy of PLASTOLUX


The mid-century modern era loved large windows for a more airy and open view, almost seeming as if the outdoor and indoor connected. It gives the design a modern feel and a little less of a mid-century vibe. With floor-to-ceiling windows, your interior space will have ample amount natural light and a view of the beautiful outdoors! Looking at a lot of greenery is good for your health, so that’s a plus!

Photo courtesy of Palm Springs Life

Photo courtesy of Desire to Inspire

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