Add some spunk to your one or two color interiors, using different accessories to give an ‘embossed’ effect to the room. You can use anything from books, shelves, different fabrics, pillows, or trays to stray away from being involved with a visually dull space. Here are some fun ideas you can incorporate.

The above room features a relatively simple mix of blacks and whites, save for the modern furniture era coffee table. The table is enhanced not only with the stack of enlightening/elegant reading material, but with another artistic box on top of it.

Additionally, the patterned pillows pop against the chargoal grey modern couch.

Here is an expanded shot of the previous room, except now we can see that there’s a few black, silky looking additions to the white area rug, and the pink throw blanket holding down the left side of the couch. In the corner, the plant makes great use of the space to display some continuity from one end to the other.

The checker-patterned mid-century side chair, keeps up with the color scheme, and tightens up the right side of the room. Great looking corner.

Borrowing from the previous color scheme, this setup utilizes a lot of white/black lines. They’re most evident in the pillows, and area rug, which showcases an exact example of how texturing can add interest to an otherwise bland furniture setup. The black vases and letter “M” used as some modern wall art also contributes to this theory.

Without those, all you have is a white couch and a white table, stacked on another white table. That just sounds like a bad Jeff Foxxworthy joke.

Switching to a more outdoorsy look, the wall in the above picture incorporates a heavy reliance on wood for not only a unique texture, but also ample fuel for the winter fire.

Between the fireplace, and the framed artwork is a raised piece of wall that allows for an example of contour within the construction of the room.

That scandinavian-style fur rug softens up the hard, cold tile flooring and provides a delicate contrast.

The above setup incorporates all the elements we mentioned in the intro, and creates a perfect balance of color, texture, and contrast.

Some trendy textures to look out for include pink, baby blue and certain types of green. You also can’t go wrong with hints of metallic to accent your wood furniture and other natural-looking materials.

Source: Interiors Addict