The Bathroom - The one room where you can truly unwind and relax. A room that can get messy and unorganized faster than any other functioning space, a difficult space to beautify besides yourself, of course, but not impossible. We’ve picked the four best styles for the bathroom that can enhance your relaxation and feel like just about any other room in your home! Light, but meaningful touches here and there can make a big and bold difference to any room, check them out!

Photo courtesy of Emily Henderson

“The Boho Bath”

The Bohemian style is all about filling every nook and corner with special finds, greenery, and soft but vibrant colors. Done right, you can welcome this aesthetic into the bathroom. Go for an alternate version of the Bohemian style with a few bold pieces that scream Boho. Texture can do a lot of for a space and take up little to no room, renovate the walls into a more intriguing, patterned tile. Add a rug because no bathroom and bohemian style is complete without it! Why not go all out and hang some plants from the ceiling for the ultimate Bohemian style.

Photo courtesy of Homes to Love

Luxury At Its Finest

If you’re one to appreciate minimalism and luxury at its finest, this will do it. A contemporary standing bathtub alone will give an impression of luxury with its shiny coating and smooth curves as well as an independant faucet installed in the wall. The glass walls for the shower stall almost looks invisible, perfect for the ‘less is more’ approach. Keep the walls with little to no decor, only bring in what is essential. A minimalist aesthetic might not seem like the most welcoming style, why not add a textured rug for a hint of rustic and liven up the bathroom with greenery.

Photo courtesy of Marcus Design Inc.

Geometric Neo Classicism

The Neo Classic style is a timeless design that praises the classic times of life. The use of black and white in a geometric approach almost seems like a no-brainer and basic but it’s far from it. Neo Classicism is about sophistication and “class”, if you will. Your awareness in culture and art is expressed in your home, as it should be. The contrast in movement and flow between the vanity and floor  creates almost a charming chaos. The crystal-like knobs applied to the vanity successfully compliments the vanity itself. You can also give the illusion of a bigger space by elevating the vanity with traditionally styled legs.

Photo courtesy of Coastal Style

Coastal Living

A coastal style bathroom is dreamy, airy and elegant with a touch of traditional southern with simplistic engraving/embossed structures in detail. Marble tops can do wonders for any space, it upgrades anything and everything. With the unique marks that consists in marbles pretty much says natural details are priceless. A light gray for the wall is subtle elegance and makes the bathrub and wall shelf pop in a tasteful manner. Introduce a jar of sand and seashells, soft towels, and candles and you’ll feel like you’re far, far away from reality! No matter what style you're leaning towards, there is always room for at least one Mid-century Modern furniture!

Source: Interiors Addict