There are a few, loose definitions of a Bachelor Pad. They all seem to agree on a place where young men take up residence, hang out, and enjoy a certain, unrestricted lifestyle. Every man needs a place where he can answer to only himself. Design your bachelor pad, with all of your style preferences. No budget is too large or small to accommodate the idea of your own “man-cave.”

Words like “Smooth”, “Erudite”, and “Polished” come to mind when perusing France and Son’s “Bachelor Pad” collection. If you want your apartment to resemble the interior of a Maserati, or feel like James Bond at the end of a long day, this is the combination of furniture, decor and color-matching accessories for you.

Strong, dark leather sofas, and sectionals are prevalent throughout the Bachelor Pad selections, but when you add this skyline-inspired Yvette clock to the collective, you’ll achieve that ‘Rooftop of the Four Seasons’ look, no problem.


The jet-black Spun Table Lamp and walnut-forged Volga Black Desk keep in line with the color theme, but allow you the surface and lighting to work as hard as you play.

Take it a step further, and make your dinner parties a smash hit with the all-black Clarges Dining Table and Prince aha Stools. Jazz up your nights spent in with the Coltrane Suspension lamp, named for the legendary saxophone player. This combination creates a vibe that even Coltrane himself, would approve of.

For adding a little design artistry, we recommend the Freya Room Divider. This piece pays tribute to simple geometric patterns, high-society style, and proper arrangement of space.

Be the most refined bachelor on your block, easily.

For more inspiration, take a look at our Bachelor Pad moodboard, and Shop our collection here!

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Fog Velvet Cushion W/ Feather Insert $154.56
KA039 2,399
Barletta Sofa $1,799
32" Aspidistra Plant $305
B33 Chair - Dining Side Chair $275
The Visby Chandelier $175