There’s no right or wrong way to make your home the most fun and inviting it could be. Here’s some expert advice you could incorporate to find the most creative and personalized designs.

  • Plan it out first. You’ll want to take the time to invest in materials that will last, and that fits with the theme you have in mind for the rest of the house.

  • Avoid “flatness”.A layered look always looks more lively. Create interest, texture and depth with some well-placed  accessories.

  • Steer clear of amateur advice. Everybody thinks they know what looks good. Trust the professionals when it comes to bringing all your desired elements together, in the most balanced fashion.

  • Round tables work best in smaller rooms. Rectangular for the longer or wider variety...

  • A well-placed mirror can give the impression of more space.

  • Utilize vertical wall space for storage. This limits the clutter and gives you room to breathe.

Source: Freddie Chatt