Ever since Al Gore invented the internet, it has helped folks refine the process of searching for homes, coordinating thematics/schematics, decorating the interiors, choosing Mid-century Modern furniture, and even paying the mortgage.

Here are 4 ways that the information superhighway has helped refine the process of the American dream.

Online Real Estate
Many realtors and real estate agents have set up shop using online realms. The advantage of this is they can post dozens of properties on a website directory with: lucious images, price, property tax assessments, number of bedrooms/baths, and any other information pertinent to the market or agency. Do your homework when pursuing available properties, and try to avoid guys (like Buddy King from “American Beauty”) with faulty moral compasses.

Furniture/Inside Layout
So, you’ve finished playing the market and found something you like. Waterfront. Multiple Baths. Space for the kids to run around in the basement. Great! Now, it’s time to furnish the place.

Many furniture stores have taken to the online world to showcase their wares. France and Son has an e-catalog of Mid-century Modern furniture, lighting, and decor for any style of home. But what separates them from other online furniture outlets is the astronomically high level of entertainment and informative content about the latest design trends you’ll receive from their blog posts.

An Angle for Accessorizing
A recent trend of interior designers planning the schematics of a home has emerged, and this allows the more diligent design firms or individuals to reach a wider array of clients. Australian design firm, Blue Space, delivers fully finished bathrooms or kitchens, based on company suggestions, and input from client requests submitted online.  

Fodder for Financiers

Mortgage companies with enormous web presences, like Quicken Loans or Ameriprise, have grown to the point where they can not only fund your dream home for the next three decades, but they can also afford to pay Lebron James’ salary.

Play around with their mortgage calculators online to see how much your monthly payments on that 30 year loan would be. And try to find that low, fixed rate to avoid ballooning costs down the line.

Happy hunting.

Source: Getinmyhome.com