Proper lighting is an artform, but if you follow a few simple suggestions, you could have the house looking like the set from your favorite movie.

Fixtures placed at varying height levels is important for the right contrast, and equal distribution throughout the room. Three fourths of the corners should have a light source, and this is especially key when dealing with a larger area. Living or dining rooms should incorporate this concept. Floor lamps can combine with overhead chandeliers. Play around with the brightness on each fixture for just the right touch of warmth.

For smaller areas, we want what’s called proper “task lighting”, or “ambient lighting”. An example of this would be a series of lights that lead the way upstairs, if the stairwell happened to be a darker corridor of the house. Or if you wanted to light up a quiet niche for reading or studying.

Kitchens can incorporate lights such as a series of pendants, which can be affixed overhead. Bedrooms can utilize a single lamp on a nightstand with different settings for dimming, or track lighting for a larger-size room.

France and Son’s plethora of lighting options will give you the right setup for every room in the house.
Advanced tip: Watch this video put together by our knowledgeable technicians, for a better idea on how to install the wiring.

Source: Real Simple