Everything you need to know about the mid-century modern home that you’ve always dreamed of achieving! 10 tips and rules for a full proof, beautiful and charming mid-century modern home that won’t look like you’ve just stepped into a time capsule. Because this so-called is here to stay so might as well start sooner than later!

1. Update The Colors

The original mid-century modern colors will definitely give the interior space an outdated look, choose more neutral tones within the mid-century modern color scheme for an elegant atmosphere without straying away from the intended style and theme. Another way to design the interior space is to not include all the original color schemes of the mid-century modern era but choose 2 or 3 colors you admire and stick to it, keep in mind more colors will come when choosing decor!

Photo courtesy of MC DAILY

2. Keep It Open

An open and airy floor plan will automatically make your interior space a typical mid-century modern space, it’s all about eliminating unnecessary aspects and working with the essentials and letting it shine. Mid-century modern was about togetherness, entertaining while keeping up with other tasks. An open layout forces one to create a flow that is comforting as well as harmonious and all the while knowing how to distinct one particular area from another.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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3. 1 Accent Piece For Each Space

The mid-century modern era is known for its bold interiors but not overwhelming, two ideas on the opposite side of the spectrum but when you find the balance, it works wonders. Bring one accent piece into the interior space and let it compliment its surroundings. An accent piece is intended to be strong and bold in personality, having just one accent piece will give more wiggle room to marry each element tastefully.

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4. Don’t Forget The Outdoor Space
The outdoor space has played an important role during the mid-century modern era; just after the war, people started to relax more and start entertaining. From where it all started, Palm Springs has a nice and dry weather, who wouldn’t want to spend their days and nights outside, by the pool. The mid-century modern era was exceptionally fun, it was the beginning for a fresh start so why not do it right. The mid-century modern era valued their outdoor living just as much as indoor living.