The industrial style leans more towards a masculine theme, with all the exposed, raw materials and etc.  Add a feminine touch and balance the atmosphere in an elegant and classy way, the industrial chic way. The industrial chic style welcomes not only the original industrial style along with a feminine touch, it also welcomes vintage, modern, and mid-century elements as well. The industrial chic style is about welcoming a timeless, neutral, simple, and natural styles into an interior space.

A sure way to bring a feminine touch into an interior space is with tufted furniture, whether it be a sofa or lounge chair. It brings elegance and a sense of luxury to an interior space, which an industrial style lacks. If you’re leaning more towards a vintage, industrial chic style bring in some vintage finds of your own! Another element to consider is having the walls be distressed for that dated, “vintage” vibe as well.

Photo courtesy of decoholic


To soften an industrial interior space is with furniture, lighting, and decor. Use softer, neutral tones and a decorative rug to tie in the style. A chandelier can also work wonders when designing an interior space to be luxurious and chic, it’s bright and shiny, that screams elegance and femininity to me. The design in furniture should be transitional, a beautiful blend of traditional and modern design is perfect for an industrial chic interior space!

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The industrial chic style can also work in ways that appear to be eclectic. Mix-matching different materials, styles, and designs is what makes the interior space yours. When styling an industrial style interior space, the use of leather is almost essential for completing the masculine atmosphere. Why not get tufted leather seating with hints of glamourous detail to make it industrial chic! The exposed brick definitely compliments the interior space, adding color to an industrial loft with no effort required.

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

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The wall finishes in this visual glams up this interior space with little to no decor. An almost minimal style marries well with the industrial chic style. The photo shown below is a more subtle approach to an industrial chic style decor and accents of glamour and rustic is present. The use of cowhide rugs is a popular piece in an industrial chic interior space, it’s trendy and hip; which is what industrial chic is all for!

Japanese-Inspired Bainbridge Island house dining room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of FANRTO


The exposed brick walls and a painted brick wall below portrays the mix of old and new. The whiter and brighter an industrial interior space is, the more “chic”, modern, and classy it becomes. Because the color white means clean and pure. The industrial style can be decorated in so many ways it’s difficult to say which works best. It all depends on your preference, whether it’s traditional, classic, mid-century, contemporary, eclectic, retro, and/or transitional, the industrial style is literally an open “layout”, free to style the interior space however you’d like!

Photo courtesy of NORDIC DESIGN


The industrial style usually uses no colors, just black and white for a contemporary design. The exposed materials in the building itself already brings out a big personality into the interior space. So, when designing the space, most often than not, it is done minimal and contemporary. But for an industrial chic style, it welcomes color and other neat finds. Industrial chic is about giving the interior space a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and this is done in many ways such as adding neutral tones throughout. It’s about finding the right shades to compliment the “bones” of the building.

Photo courtesy of DigsDigs


The industrial chic is a timeless design style that is also eclectic because it’s about bringing in your own personal favorites to the interior space. Whether you find a traditional and mid-century table lamp appealing and also love a rustic style decor, the industrial chic design style can do it all. It’s charming, it’s elegant, and most importantly, it’s one of a kind. It gives off a dark and edgy vibe in the most beautiful way you can possibly imagine.

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