There are a few common faux pas often seen in furniture staging that can sabotage an apartment sale.

Interior design and staging are different concepts. Interior design caters to the preferences of those who already live in the apartment. Staging is a sort of simulation of how furniture can look in a space for potential purchasers. It doesn't even require real furniture, sometimes.

Here are some things to keep in mind when staging furniture for an apartment or home on the market.

  • Keep photographs and other personal items of interest out of prospects’ sights. It can cause a distraction and take the focus off the space for sale.

  • Avoid loud colors or anything that can turn off potential buyers.

  • Pay attention to perspective. Don’t place furniture that’s too large or too bulky. This makes the room look less spacious. Also keep an eye on shape and form. A rectangular sofa may look better in a wider room.

  • Don’t go overboard with ornamentation or decor. A simple arrangement works best to maximize interest from a wider range of buyers.

  • Keep closets and cabinets from being too cluttered or full. Prospects may think there’s not enough closet space and look elsewhere.

Professional stagers, like France and Son, are your best bet when showcasing an apartment or home. The right setup can easily make or break a deal.

Source: Brick Underground