The fun part of owning a home is having a place to keep all your personalized assortment of items. The hard part, is keeping the essentials in plain sight without cluttering up the rooms.

One way to maximize the available space is to invest in some storage units, credenzas, and sideboards to store excess items and serve as multifunctional pieces. These can operate as a TV stand as well, and fit within the context of a solid Contemporary Design scheme.

Or if you want to take an even more minimalist approach, you can move the extras into public storage facilities. They’ll keep all the valuables safeguarded in a temperature controlled cubby large enough to fit whatever you throw in there.

Notice the design on the above side chair. If you utilize furniture that looks like it’s floating on air, the thinner legs will be less cumbersome on your floor plans. The result is better use of a smallish area.

It’s definitely a good idea to keep the larger furniture against the back/far walls, to avoid making the entrance into your living room too busy. The last thing you want is to have guests trip and fall like Dick Van Dyke did in his show’s intro. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Choosing Modern Furniture that’s the same colors as the walls is a good style tip for smallish rooms, to avoid making pieces look too obtuse. It can make the furniture blend into the background nicely, leaving some breathing room for additional ornamentation.

For the truly bold and adventurous that like to hang about the house, why not something creative like a hammock suspended over your living room? It will give you a bird’s eye perspective of the family, and save a few bucks on couch maintenance. Just make sure it’s attached to something sturdy so you don’t put a crater in the hardwood floor.