Decorating floors the right way can add depth and style to any bedroom. Depending on the size or layout of the room, there are a few different options you should consider.

The rug really tied the room together…

This bedroom features a Scandinavian-themed (simplistic, but stylish) grey and black scheme. The gorgeous 2-tone effect looks like it was done with Photoshop’s  gradient tool, allowing the colors flow from light to dark(left to right) inside the room.

The modern area rug on the outside of the glass doors, reverses the colors. And the endgame is a masterful balance achieved.

Checker, and Mate

A checkered pattern, and a smart interior design plan can give the illusion of stretching the floors out a few extra feet. The centrally placed mid-century modern bed, has a noticeable harmony with the adjacent negative space, and a chromatic synchronicity with the floor, and the complementary furniture .

What’s important to keep in mind, that certain colors, patterns, or surfaces can match with your decor, and make an area appear wider. The best part, is that the patterns on the rug bear an uncanny resemblance to the “Special stage” in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Lofty Imaginations

What the above setup lacks in ceiling space, it makes up for in creative personality. Dice-like designs, and other abstract floor patterns add to the multi colored, artistic, and free-flowing aura.

A few simple, Mid-century desks are strategically placed opposite the bed to showcase the keyboards, and centralize negative space within the room.

If you’re decorating a bedroom at the very top of a house or apartment complex, thicker carpeting is a good idea to insulate any undesirable noise from residents living on the lower floors.


Natural Materials: Exhibit A

For bedrooms on lower floors, thick carpeting is not always necessary, or practical. A natural wood floor can combine with a solid-white wool area rug for a minimalist, impactful design that fans of any style can appreciate. Rosewood, or walnut, come in darker tones, and are a great option for flooring or complimentary Mid-century decor.

The above idea for flooring can be maximized with a Mid-century mirror to advance the wood theme, and give the indication of more space.

Exhibit B

There are subtle differences between this and the design in the previous photograph. Both include wood floors, and white rugs. The variation lies in color shade, and positioning of the rug.

Exhibit B, rolls with a lighter shade of wood for flooring. This could be the result of a different style of wood altogether, like an oak or a maple. Or, it could be the unpolished look for a raw effect. Instead of a solid white rug, the secondary option is a fringed white, accented with black lines. The rug is placed in front of the bed, and a Mid-century bench is centered on top of the rug.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with different ideas, and combinations. Anything that can jazz up a boring bedroom floor is a good idea.


Source: Jen Stanbrook