Top 6 Ideas for Wall Decorations

Walls can’t talk, so it's far better to decorate them with pleasant-looking paneling, paint, wallpaper, wall art, shelving, tile or anything that can substitute for a nondescript, solid mass of color.

Here are a few great ideas you can use in your home.

Putting the “Hex” on Boring Style

A great way to decorate your walls is by stacking these wood-crafted, hexagonal-shaped wall units. They can balance on top of each other because of the stability of the 6-sided structure.

The central shelves can be used to decorate items for decor, or act as a place for storage in a smaller room.

Mauve It

The unique use of colors like mauve, seen within the above frame,is a fun way to amplify the surrounding colors in the Mid-century furniture pieces. The modern lighting casts a film-noir like shadow on the greenish lounge chair, and complimentary pink abstract-patterned carpet. Straight out of a Humphrey Bogart movie, the dark-wood bar cart balances the right side of the setup, and has all the amenities of a 1940s-style hangout.

Unifying the theme in picture perfect, old-school fashion, is the dark-colored, tufted ottoman that screams ‘comfort from an earlier age’.

Stone-age Style

Here, natural tiles from a quarry, give the wall and floor a very authentic stone-age look. Completing the minimalist but classy ensemble, is a wood chopping block for a night stand and a natural wool rug.

The neutral colored, lavender pillows and blanket, mesh perfectly with the gray scale walls and provide a slight glimmer that catches the eye. 

Not a lot of technology involved here, besides the lamp.

Earn Your Stripes

A white/black striped carpet, with a loud colored(like a magenta) lounge chair/wall art section can create an optically stunning, relaxation wonderland. This kind of look goes great with a  Mid-century chair, and side-table.

The floral design on the pillow, matches the wall art and cleverly complements the tertiary colors involved in the decor.


Pop-art inspired multicolor patterns can add a layer of excitement to any room. We explored the benefits of the polychromatic triangles in your kitchen in a previous piece, and those same benefits can be applied to dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms or elsewhere in the house.

You can match these designs with virtually any color, and the rest takes care of itself.

Form meets Function

This arrangement here relies on an incorporation of simple lines, polished dark metallics, and multifunctional pieces. This is a classic idea that can sharpen up an otherwise plain wall.

The sharp looking black coat rack, the floor lamp, and the dark stool combine for a clean, minimalist/industrial look. The black/white motif is extended, with the wall art on the ground, and the pillows being stashed on top of the stool.

Source: Love Chic Living