You can’t possibly sell yourself short on lighting. It warms a room, accents the desirable features of your significant other, and leads the way to all your home’s hidden alcoves and treasure troves.

There are 3 main places for light fixtures, ceilings, floors, and on the walls:


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This is arguably the most important place for lighting, as the pieces will be able to affect an entire area, (shining down on a wider focus point)  as opposed to just one section. Chandeliers, pendants, and flush mounts fit this category.

Chandeliers are the most elaborate of the ceiling lamps. Many have smaller, individual lights that sequence together for complex designs and spectacular results. You would see these in hotel ballrooms, catering halls, fancy restaurants, etc. Of course, you can find them for your home as well. Concert pianist, not included.

Pendants are a little simpler in design, and incorporate a lone light fixture that hangs. They are often grouped in symmetrical clusters of 3 for not only creative style, but balance of lighting throughout. They also have a lot more modern concepts, in mind. You’ll see these in kitchens, and over countertops, etc.

Flush mounts can be attached to the ceilings as well, but they are not suspended. They are placed flat against the surface.


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Table lamps and floor lamps would most often be plugged into sockets near the floor. Many floor lamps in the modern style have a rod that extends from the ground up, with lamps attached to the top or middle of the rod, depending on design. Their purpose is to add depth to a room, and work in conjunction with other light sources for that perfect contrast.

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Table lamps are better for task lighting. Sitting at a desk, and doing some work late into the night? A good table or desk lamp can assist you in the process.


Wall lighting is great for accenting the room’s important focal points, and sharpening the overall ambience. Sconces and rotating wall lamps will do just that for you.  

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A sconce is a fixture patterned after an old-school candle source that sticks into the wall. It has that Medieval, chamber feel to it and fits well with Victorian style furniture.

Rotating wall lamps

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Rotating wall lamps are similar in design to floor lamps, except they can be placed in wall sockets, at higher elevations within the room. They’re great for modifying certain lighting setups on the fly, or if you’re moving things around and need to adjust the lighting.

Source: Home Shopping Spy