We could all use a vacation. The problem? Most of the time, it’s difficult for your average person to find the time to get away.

The solution? A few simple upgrades are all you’ll need to turn your home into the all-inclusive resort it was meant to be.

A pool, or jacuzzi is a great place to start. Find a reasonably priced in-ground or above ground pool, throw in some colorful flotation devices, and you’ve got yourself the next Club Med.

Hot tubs are great for loosening the muscles after a long day of work, and unwinding with a cold beverage in hand. After you’re done in there, go lounge about on your new outdoor Mid-Century Modern Furniture.

Outdoor verandas and dining areas not only look great, but provide a cozy, centralized hangout section for dinner, cold brews, and stimulating conversation with whoever, any time of the day.

You’ll want to provide ample seating for the area, as well as a few different options for comfort. Many Modern Design concepts include a dining table, a couch or two, some side chairs and an area rug. The above photograph features all of the above, and an interesting turf-style rug to keep the outdoor look without needing the mower around.

A gazebo, or a canopy is a preferred method for creating a shaded spot to relax, and many styles will bring that coveted ‘resort/spa’ feel to your home.

Throwing in a mattress or a pair of chaise lounges is a great idea, but be careful. It might be difficult getting people to move for at least a few hours.

If you have a home in an elevated area, like on a hill or overlooking a lake, a deck is a great choice for maximizing the powerful effects of a good view.

Why not add other vacation-friendly elements like a water fountain, a pond, sand, or a tiki bar?

Source: Getinmyhome.com