Beautiful, vintage "The Old Story" finger bowls by Porsgund for sale at the price of $125 for the set of 3!

Price: $125

Creator: Porsgrund (manufacturer)

Period/Era: Mid-Century

Place of Origin: Norway

Date of Manufacture: 1960s

Great condition - No chips and cracks

Materials: Fine Porcelain

Dimensions: approximately 3-15/16 inches tall X 3-9/16 wide and 1-3/8 inches deep.


“The Old Story” Poem”

The first bowl:

Modern Adam, modern Eve,

Seventeen, they'll never grieve;

Age of luck and love forever,

Growing older?

Never, never.

The Second bowl:

Modern Adam, modern Eve,

Life has pretty much to give,

Making children, home, career,

Getting richer year by year.

The Third bowl:

Poor old Adam, poor old Eve,

Soon they must prepare to leave,

Leaving proudly to their nation, a large increase in population.

Photo courtesy of Equity Modern


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