What’s the best website to buy Mid-Century Modern Furniture?


The internet is full of hundreds of niche shopping websites that specialize in Mid-Century Modern reproductions. How do you know who to trust? How do you know the quality of a chair or table without seeing it, sitting on it, or feeling it? There are so many questions and so little answers. With that said, I’ll be happy to give you some advice, and point you in the direction of us, France and Son.



Yes, it’s a little biased to write an article about ourselves, but I have no shame. On top of that, I do truly feel that France and Son is the best place to get mid-century modern reproductions. In the end it comes down to a combination of price, quality, and reliability. Franceandson.com might not be the best in every aspect, but I think it’s the best combination of the 3.


Low, Consistent Pricing:


France and son’s prices are good. That’s a fact. France and Son tries to keep our prices as low as possible. All. The. Time. France and Son doesn’t run bullshit sales. The prices are always low, so you don’t need to wait for a specific time of year to shop. You’ll always get a great deal. Shop at your convenience; not at the convenience of the retailer. Compare the pricing with any competitor, and you’ll see that France and Son’s prices are usually lower despite the fact that better materials are used and the quality is higher.


Quality is Top Notch:


You get what you pay for! How many times have you heard this one? It’s true 99% of the time. You can go get the cheapest mid-century reproductions from companies like Lexmod or Flash Furniture, but you will sacrifice long term sustainability. Getting top of the line materials, better quality assurance, and a company that stands behind its products is very important. France and Son sources it’s inventory from the best factories in Asia. Most people don’t understand that “made in China” doesn’t always mean what it used to. There are good, reliable, high-quality factories, and France and Son found them.


Reliable Service:


A lot of the online repro companies will get a sale and forget it. If there’s an issue, it’s “not their problem”. If something comes damaged, it’s the “shipping companies fault.” France and Son is not one of those companies. France and Son is a small company that will do whatever necessary to make our customers happy.


France and Son stocks all products in a local warehouse, so there are no extended lead times. If you buy it, you’ll get it within a couple of weeks (with the exceptions of back-orders and custom orders).


France and Son has real, knowledgeable customer service and sales representatives that can help you. No outsourcing! Chat online, email, call, or use social media.


But I saw some bad online reviews!


Like any company in existence, France and Son got some bad reviews. That’s the world we live in. Everyone messes up. In France and Son’s many years of operations, only a few individuals had an experience that caused them to leave some bad feedback. Some of these people did not read policies correctly, and didn’t want to take responsibility for their mistakes. Some actually got some bad service. For those people, France and Son made things right.