Why waste thousands of dollars and hours commuting to work...when you can just build a functional, stylish, and uber-comfortable office in your home?

The right setup is crucial. Too much clutter can hurt your organization ability, and decrease any kind of a workflow.

Here’s what you should be thinking about when planning ideas for a stellar home office.

Mid-century Modern Musings

The first step should involve the right furnishings.You dont wan’t to sit for hours hammering out those TPS Reports with a stiff back, so find a chair with good lumbar support, and comfortable cushions. Your desk should also be large enough that you can fit all your essentials on there, comfortably. 

The height of the desk is also important to avoid muscle strain, so choose one that’s relative to the height of your chair, for max effect. Modern task chairs are perfect for a long day at the home-office, and will make you feel like a shot-calling tycoon.

Equipped for Enterprise

Whether you’re running a legit operation or not, you’re going to need some primo work tools. A fast computer with internet access, dual monitors, and an appropriate sound system for focus-enhancing music is a good place to start. Don’t forget a printer or fax, if your gig requires management of paperwork. If you’re old school or low on funds; you might just need a working phone, a paper and pen, and a good sales pitch.

Ode to Organization

Avoid letting stuff pile up. Proper space for storage of documents, notes, and important proposals will help you maintain a clear mind and a vigilant workday. A good example is the above wall-unit, which combines open shelf space, and sealable cabinets in a creative, geometric interface. Mid-century Modern credenzas, sideboards, and cabinets are a good option to consider.

A Personalized Approach

Give your office some personality with some decorations that fit your tastes and artistic style. The above photograph details this with the bright flowers on the desk, and gardening hats/butterfly imagery on the wall. 

Color Coded
Certain colors are believed to have effects on psychology and mood. When designing your home office, choose an imagination-racin’ color that best works with your type of personality.

Shades of blue and purple are seen often in offices, because they can create a stimulating ambience that would be conducive to productivity.

Yellow shades can be straining on the eyes because of more light being reflected. Red is believed to contribute to an aggressive state that can hamper performance.   

Source: Get In My Home